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International Society of Universal Research in Sciences

International Society of Universal Research in Sciences (EyeSource) is scientific body aimed to promote research about facts and dynamics in real world. EyeSource is non-profit, non-governmental organization with purpose to connect innovative minds across the globe to improve the research productivity. In order to achieve the vision and mission, EyeSource aims to organize conferences, publish the research journals, books, provide trainings and support the students and academicians.

EyeSource purpose is to indentify, explore and nurture intellectual capital in the fields of chemical, computer, electrical, environmental engineering, sciences, humanities, economics, business management, statistics, literature and fine arts. Our holistic endeavour includes the establishment and promotion of academic/professional researchers/students and their valuable contributions by providing them an electronic platform where they can publish their researches and contributions in order to have larger readership.


EyeSource's primary mission is to sponsor programs and activities that improve the educational, social and economic conditions of rural areas of KPK and AJK, Pakistan. EyeSource provides Free Books and Uniforms to needy students as well as teaching aids to schools and institutions promoting rural education on nonprofit and charity basis. EyeSourse also hosts summer camps for training of the teachers of selected schools of the targeted areas. All EyeSource products and services aim to raise funds to sponsor the rural education.
Join hands with EyeSource to promote awareness in rural communities and to help needy and poor students.


EyeSource will serve as multidisciplinary knowledge sharing platform for students and academicians to advance the excellence in all facets of Science, Engineering and Technology.


EyeSource aims to motivate, encourage and stimulate universal research across the globe by advancing and disseminating the practical implications of the research in areas of academic, science and technology.

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